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WORKSHOP: Design Thinking Toolbox

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Design Thinking requires a large toolbox, lots of post-its, prototyping material and an interdisciplinary team.

Design Thinking is an innovation approach used mainly in the early stages of design. Its main applications are to understand complex problems, develop empathy for users and stakeholders and find a solution that meets the real needs of customers (desirability), while being technically feasible and economical. In the practical application of Design Thinking, the facilitator must select the right tools and also lead the process and the interdisciplinary team.

In the „Design Thinking Toolbox“ workshop, I will first give a short introduction to Design Thinking and an overview of the most common tools and techniques. Some of the tools will be presented briefly – for example, the customer profile, 6W questions, Lean Canvas or the feedback collection grid.

The workshop will be very interactive, applying Trihow AG’s „hybrid workshop“ method.

Participants will experiment with concrete tools in smaller groups and share their experiences, discussing the advantages and disadvantages and use cases of each technique.

Interview with Patrick Link (EN)Interview mit Patrick Link (DE)

Short Bio

Professor at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU) at the Institute for Innovation and Technology Management (IIT). Teaches product management, design thinking and entrepreneurship at various colleges and universities.
Co-Founder of TRIHOW AG, a start-up company in the field of hybrid, dynamic interaction and 3D storytelling.

15 years of practical experience, e.g., at Siemens. Editor of the international bestsellers „The Design Thinking Toolbook“ and “ The Design Thinking Playbook“, together with Michael Lewrick and Larry Leifer from Stanford University.


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