Michael Sommerhalder

OKR + Team Spirit = Innovation

In the past, year-end discussions were more often a source of frustration, rather than pleasure among our employees. The one-time feedback was (necessarily) superficial and the focus fully on individual goals. In an increasingly complex environment, however, only strong teams can produce real innovation. That is why we are now concentrating fully on team performance and active dialogue. OKR was a perfect fit for our situation. The method promised to improve the alignment between the teams and to unleash motivation. However, because „“plain OKR““ excludes important cultural aspects, we have enriched OKR with additional elements. In our talk, we will present specific examples of what the introduction of „“Extended OKR““ has triggered for us.

Short Bio

Michael Sommerhalder is a Zurich native and has been Team Leader of Software Engineering at Digitec Galaxus AG since January 2018. Prior to joining Digitec, he worked as an agile coach at Erni. Before that, he worked at Swisscom, first as Senior Development Consultant (iOS Development) at Swisscom IT Services and then as team leader of the team “Augmented Reality Integration“ at Swisscom (Schweiz) AG. In 2016, he travelled to South America. Michael studied general history, computer science and musicology in Zurich and Örebro, Sweden.

Weitere Speaker